June 24 2014 / Cirabisi

Listen to it now!

Out Now! / Sour

New LP Out Now!

Date:TBD / Wordlord

Project is 75% done.

April 11 2013 / Overcoat

First project with a legend in the game. Dead Smoke ft. Cage - The Overcoat This is HQ Version and mastered...

Out Now! / Street Priory

Check out Street Priory. Click the image or the link to listen to it now!

October 28 2010 / Simon - Emote

These songs were made from 2006 to 2010. I would describe it as Futuristic, Dark, Experimental, Lyrical, Hardcore, Chill and Personal with a message floating around in it somewhere. I put a lot of different elements into this album. It was done using a Korg Em-1, Es-1, Roland SH-32 and PC software.